How to Unlock an iPhone Passcode Without Computer

Are you currently locked out of your iPhone and need to login without the use of your computer? If so, you aren’t alone.

Unfortunately, this happens all the time, and getting back into your iPhone isn’t always the easiest of things… but it’s also one of the most stressful of times when you can’t get back in.

How to Get Back into Your iPhone

In order to get back into your Apple iPhone, we will follow the guidelines as laid out by iMobie. The three recommendations for best accomplishing this are:

  • Method 1: Unlock iPhone without Computer by Using Find My iPhone
  • Method 2: Unlock iPhone by Entering Recovery Mode
  • Method 3: Unlock iPhone Using AnyUnlock

To learn how to go through each of these processes one by one to see which might work for you, simply visit the iMobie site and follow along.

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