How to Activate YouTube Using

YouTube has been ranked the second largest search engine after google. It means you can get any stuff you are looking for, ranging from family-friendly educational content to action movies and entertainment.

It also feels better when watching these entertaining and educational shows on big screens such as a 40-inches LED smart TV or your Apple TV. Therefore, today we will look at some of the easiest ways to activate YouTube on various devices to enjoy a thrilling home entertainment at the lowest cost.

However, note that some devices, primarily the old models, do not support the latest version of YouTube, and you will be required to upgrade the system or buy the newer models.

How to Activate YouTube On Smart TV

As stated above, some smart TVs do not support the latest YouTube version. Any model manufactured before 2013 only supports the older flash-based YouTube version, and it might be challenging to install the upgraded YouTube app. Therefore, if you have smart TV released since 2013, you can be assured that it has the upgraded built-in YouTube app, and it will easier to activate. Here is the latest method to start YouTube on your smart TV using the link.

  • First, open the YouTube app on your smart TV. In most newer models, you will find the app on the main screen.
  • Navigate to find the Gear icon, usually located on the top-right of the screen.
  • Click on the Gear icon and select Sign In from the pop-up menu. 
  • The option will give you an 8-digit code. Write down the code and keep the screen open.
  • Visit the YouTube website on your computer or smartphone using the link
  • Enter your Google Account information to sign in to your YouTube account.
  • In the next window, enter the 8-digit code from your smart TV. 
  • Once the code is accepted, click Allow Access. 
  • You can now open the activated YouTube app on your smart TV and start enjoying your favorite videos. 

How to Activate YouTube On Roku

Roku is a popular streaming device with a wide range of apps. It already has a supported YouTube app. However, if you need personalized content, you will have to activate it using the latest method. Therefore, here are the steps to activate YouTube on your Roku using 

  • Connect the Roku device to your TV and sign in to your Roku account. Ensure it is also connected to the Wi-Fi. 
  • Press the Home button on the remote to enter the Home screen. 
  • Choose the Channel Store option and press OK to proceed. 
  • Navigate to the Top Free section, where you will see YouTube in the list. Select the YouTube option.
  • Click Add Channel on the next menu. This will add YouTube to your Roku channels after some seconds. 
  • Go back to the Home Screen, click on YouTube to open it. 
  • Click on the Gear icon on the YouTube screen to open settings.
  • Click on the Sign In on the top-right of the menu. 
  • Depending on the options provided, enter your credentials for your Google or YouTube account. 
  • The option will generate an 8-digit code on the screen. Write down the code and leave the screen open. 
  • Visit from another device smartphone or computer and sign in. 
  • Enter the 8-digit code noted from Roku on your TV screen. 
  • Click on the Allow Access option.
  • Your Roku is now activated, and you are free to go.

How to Activate YouTube On Kodi

Activating the YouTube app on your Kodi is a bit complicated, but it does not mean you have to hire an expert to do it for you. Using, you can easily access YouTube on your Kodi enjoy unlimited videos and shows. Follow these steps. 

  • Open the Kodi interface and navigate to the settings section. 
  • Select Add-Ons and go to Repository/ Get Add-Ons. 
  • Click on the Install option. 
  • Select Kodi Add-On Repository then Video Add-Ons. 
  • A menu will pop up with a YouTube option. Select YouTube and install it.
  • After installing YouTube, go to Video Add-ons, and open YouTube.
  • Select Sign In option on the YouTube menu and note down the code provided by the Kodi.
  • Visit the YouTube website on a separate device and provide your Google credentials if required.
  • Enter the code from Kodi YouTube on your TV screen. 
  • Click on the next option, select a YouTube account, and choose Allow Access.
  • Your Kodi YouTube is now activated. 


Was it that simple? Of course, activating the YouTube app on your device using is easier provided the device supports the latest applications.

Following the above procedures will help you access your favorite videos and movies without much hassle. Enjoy your entertainment, and don’t forget to visit our main page for all of the latest mobile and tech news and tutorials.