How Much Will the New iPhone Cost?

It seems like Apple is coming out with a new version of their iPhone all the time. Not only are the phones being updated at a rapid pace, but so are the many other products and services they have associated with Mac and iTunes as well.

With this in mind, the latest iPhone is coming soon and there will be plenty of varied pricing plans for it as well. Depending on if you are buying the phone for yourself, or if you are getting it with a phone plan, the cost will definitely vary heavily.

What is the cost of the new iPhone?

As mentioned, depending on where and how you are buying the new Apple mobile device, it could be free or around a thousand bucks.

Here are some of the latest prices and promotions that can be found on Google when searching for associated costs on the new iphone.

It’s also a good idea to take a look at your current mobile carrier and see what type of promotions they have going on.

However, if you want to buy the iPhone 12 as it, Forbes has listed the following prices.

  • iPhone 12 – (5.4-inch) – $699 (64GB), $749 (128GB), $849 (258GB) 
  • iPhone 12 Max (6.1-inch) – $799 (64GB), $849 (128GB), $949 (258GB) 
  • iPhone 12 Pro (6.1-inch) – $1,049 (128GB), $1,149 (256GB), $1,349 (512GB) 
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7-inch) – $1,149 (128GB), $1,249 (256GB), $1,449 (512GB) 

How to get the latest iPhone?

In order to get the best price and plan for your mobile device, it’s almost best to get it under a new mobile plan.

To learn more about the latest rates on the next generation iPhones coming out, check our main page for the latest trending news topics.