7 of the Best Free Game Apps to Download on iPhone

iPhone and iPads offer a huge collection of games to its users, it can be overwhelming for new users of the iPhone. Are you looking for the best game applications to download on the iPhone and want to get them free? 

Fortunately, there are loads of great free game applications ready for you to download on your iPhone right now. And what makes many of these games great, is that you can pay to download bonuses and features later on, so you don’t need to waste money if the game isn’t perfect for you.

Have a look at the 7 of the best and completely free game applications on the App Store that you can download on your iPhone. Our list includes completely free games and not only trials of paid games. 

Scrabble go

There are exemplary board games, and then there is a Scrabble Go. Scrabble Go has a straightforward reason, a little expectation to absorb information, and a great deal of profundity, which likely clarifies why it’s endured as long as it has. Currently, the Scrabble go means you can play it on your smartphone. 

However, as opposed to its board version, Scrabble Go mobile version is not limited to playing with the people in your particular area and you can play with several people throughout the world simultaneously. You can take a turn at a point against one challenger and then go ahead with another game and take your turn there. For playing Scrabble Go on phone, there is no timer for your turn, so that there is no pressure to return to the game and the game is totally free. 

Super Fowlst 2 

Super Fowlst 2 is a charming, platform game that is easy to play. You can play the Super Fowlst 2 by tapping the right and left sides of the screen to jump and move the chicken across the whole level. It has certainly got a pinball feel and its cheerful, bright aesthetic surely creates the experience to feel more comprehensive. 

Demons have broken the barriers and entered the worlds but all the champions are busy. Therefore, it is all up to a chicken to stop the demons. Super Fowlst 2 shows that not all the thoughts and ideas have been committed to the film industry.

Shadowgun Legends 

Shadowgun Legends is a mobile shooter game and believed to be one of the best of its own ever made. The game provides fast, exciting gameplay along with phenomenal graphics. The story of the game’s campaign is based on 4 different planets and is composed of over 200 missions. 

The Shadowgun Legends missions are ambitious, extensive RPG that would experience like at home on a comfort. Multiplayer PvP combat, co-op levels, and boss battles are some of the added characteristics of the Shadowgun Legends game.

Fallout Shelter

The Fallout shelter game makes you in charge of running and taking care of a treasury house. It is a society of fighters buried beneath the surface of the earth that are safe from radiation. Practically, Fallout Shelter is just like many other mobile games in the resource management genre. 

However non-exploitative and clever usages of in-app purchases, along with the unambiguous experience of the Fallout agreement, help the game attract more hardcore and casual players alike. In this game, you start with a small number of rooms and a few inhabitants under the surface of the earth in the vault and you will slowly enhance your possessions to an extensive underground complex, supplied with labs, gyms, and generator rooms. 

Pigeon Wings Strike

The Pigeon Wings Strike is a bright, charming, and enjoyable game and is promoted as the reckless and wild shooter game ever set out on a mobile device. You can clearly see why it is so. Admired for its fab story, tilt control scheme, awesome soundtrack, and technical difficulty, this action arcade-style game allows you to play a Pigeon Wings Strike where a cartoon pigeon drives a fighter plane to fight the evil enemy Duke Dexter. You will also find here a local multiplayer mode, making it the best game to play in your leisure time. 

Zombie Football

This game is a crazy combo of thrilling touchdown runs i.e. The Classic coin-op Gauntlet and The Walking Dead. In each level, you will see a classic green football field with lots of scattered obstacles and hurdles along with the masses of lurching, predatory undead. The basic objective of this best free game for the iPhone is not to get badly killed. 

You need to check out how to persuade zombies in one way or another so that the path can be cleared for your touchdown. In the process, you need to collect energy-enhancing food that is present around the level and avoid speed sapping mud. 

It’s an amusingly silly flash, not least when you recognize your hefty footballer can’t even tramp through cones, and so must delicately drift his way through the clenching, toothy opposition. Besides, the application contains no timers, ads, or other cruft and it all free of cost.

Train Party

It is a puzzle game, more like an arcade game that is developed for more than one player playing together. The 2 to 12 people using the same Wi-Fi connection can play the game and perform their best to cling to the time for the train to arrive. 

The players try to keep the train on time mostly by putting tracks in front of it. To avoid any terrible derailment, you need to check out how to treat the wildlife roaming around and a defector track bomber. To play this game, you have two options i.e. competitively and collaboratively. 

In the collaborative type, the train constantly comes to the player side with the most complete rail track, allowing you to keep putting tracks in front of the train for as long as possible. In competition type, the train moves across the devices in a particular order and the last person is the winner who will not turn the 9:45 to Washington Union Station into a furrowed stack of warped metal.